The new music streaming era

The first decentralized music streaming platform

BitSong is a new music platform, which will be built using the Ethereum blockchain and the IPFS distribuited filesystem.

BitSong is a project dedicated to musicians and listeners, to solve one of the major problems related to the world of music. Problems that a musician who wants to emerge knows very well.

From today you will be producing your song, the advertiser will upload his advertisement and the user will listen to the songs from any device. For each advertisement listened, the artist and the listener will get up to 90% of the profits invested by the advertiser. You can also receive donations from your fans for your next album.

Project Vision

Our vision is to create a new brand linked to music streaming, but unlike other platforms, BitSong will earn both, the artist, the user the user who listens to the song and finally will also make save money the advertiser.

Our goal is to be present on any TV equipped with Chromecast or SmartTV, on any Smartphone through App, on any personal computer through a web interface or software and finally on any car that has a Smart Radio.

Now you are paid!

The current music streaming companies are like intermediaries between advertisers and producers. We want to upset the musical world thanks to the blockchain technology.

The user will be paid for the "User Attention", the producer will receive earnings in real time, the advertiser will be able to optimize the campaign after viewing the reports.

The technology of the blockchain is advancing fast bringing with it new improvements applicable to daily use. For this reason we decided to found BitSong, the first decentralized music streaming platform.


Upload new songs and create your own music channel.


Sell your songs, listen to them and get donations.


Support the artist by making a donation through the $BTSG tokens


Earn $BTSG token during your plays


Listen to your songs on any TV, Smartphone or PC


Sponsor your business or your songs in full autonomy.






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Founder - DJ/Producer


EMEA Manager


CTO & Blockchain Developer


UI/UX Designer


Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager


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